What we do

Systems Monitoring
Professional Services
Working for you 24:365

In-Sourced Technical Support 24:365

We've been delivering market leading technical helpdesk services for 20+years. In YOUR brand, building fans for your business and helping you make users and customers 'sticky'.

You can focus on your core business, product & service development, winning new customers, deepening existing relationships. Without needing to reserve resource for unknown and unpredictable calls for help. Safe in the knowledge that we're looking after current deployments.

Ticketing System

Our professionally-specified IssueCentre ticketing system is available free of charge within all our contracts.

Forget monthly agent fees for a SaaS system you have to select, configure and manage. Instead get it built-in free-of-charge with your helpdesk service. Don't rent a dog and do your own barking. Invest in a service and get the software without extra cost.

Performance Reporting

Extensive service and activity reports are available as standard within our service and our IssueCentre ticketing system.

And our Report Builder allows custom reports to be built, run automatically and delivered on a preferred schedule to your inbox.

No Overheads : Pay Only For Usage

Our transparent honest approach to pricing means you get access to a full 24:365 service .... and only pay for what you use.

Engineers on stand-by. Engineers resolving incidents. All logistics and service costs included. No need to recruit, train, manage and develop staff.

The lowest of costs, in both low and high usage scenarios. You can't do it cheaper internally on a like-for-like basis. We guarantee it.

Technicians Not Telephonists

We are not a call-centre. Users needing help get straight through to engineers. By phone, email, web-form or live 'chat' support.

They are greeted in YOUR brand and we adopt your identity and company culture. We diagnose, log, follow agreed processes and resolve wherever possible.

If escalation is needed, to your staff or to external partners & technology vendors, we do that. In your name. Representing you. Managing the whole process through to resolution. Delivering the solution, ensuring the user is satisfied, and closing the incident. All without you being disturbed.

Our in-house incident management system allows you to be fully briefed at all times. With reports, alerts and full access to open & closed incidents.