Can I afford 24:365 service?

We often get this question. And it seems like that old paradigm : can you afford not to ?

These days end-users expect out-of-hours service for important services and systems infrastructure.

It's true : cost can be an issue.  Depending on how you do it. 

If you structure a conventional 24:365 service offering, it's tough to do this for less than £160k p.a. and sometimes a lot more. Positively frightening.

But how does £900 p.m. sound ? Very achievable. Our "pay only for usage" approach means you can have a 24:365 service with a couple of hours of engineer time at much less cost than you can achieve internally, with the benefits of easy scaling if needed.

Are you really 24:365 ?

Yes. We have engineers on-site lights-on actively working tickets and responding to new inbound incidents.

Our business switchboard closes outside UK business hours, but our support lines are open 24:365.  Even our commercial team are contactable if needed.

How can I get a cost indication ?

The majority of our services are bespoke - custom built to your specifications on product coverage, service hours and processes.  So the exact cost depends on what you need.

But we make it as easy as possible.  Head over to our confidential online Service Builder questionnaire.  Let us know what you need, and we typically can give you a cost indication within 24 hours.

How quickly can you start service delivery ?

We have an established ans simple on-boarding process.

If we are already familiar with the products you need support for, we can be live in a few days.  Check out a summary of our existing product knowledge on our Technologies page.

If you need something we don't currently support, that's no problem.  We love new technologies !  And we have an training regime with significant training allowance each month.  We just need to agree a training schedule with you.  Subject to your availability to brief us on your processes, and the urgency of your support requirement, we can be live in a few weeks.

How good are you ?

Good !

Of course you'd expect us to say that.  We understand that.  But check some of the unsolicited testimonials on our services pages.

We know our service has to be at least as good as you already deliver internally.  Otherwise we don't have a business.

But we've been doing this for 20+ years.  We have good staff retention and an average staff engagement of approx 9 years.  So we're a safe pair of hands.

Can I get more information ?

For sure.  Contact us for a confidential no-obligation discussion using the Contact form

Or reach out directly to