Building your Net Promoter Score

When we came to sell the business, one of the reasons the buyer wanted us was because we could show a customer experience rated double what they were achieving.  A large part of that was down to our post-sales service. And a large part of that was your contribution to the business.

Major software vendor (we always protect our clients' confidentiality) ]

We know that to stay in business, we don't have to be as good as your service delivery.  We have to be better.  Just as you have to better than your competitors.  So we don't just aim to resolve tickets.  We aim to generate great feedback. 

And of course, because we are a white-labelled service, that's YOUR feedback.  For use in your business to generate new sales and retain clients year-on-year.

We don't consider ourselves to be just part of the post-sales process.  In practice, we're part of your PRE-SALES process.  Building a reference-able client experience that will help to close the next sale and secure next-year's renewals.  In the IT industry in these competitive times, if you only sell on price and features, you're dead in the water.

Because we're all dealing with technology.  It's not a question of IF it goes wrong.  It's about WHEN it goes wrong, how are you going to perform.

So we aim to  build the best feedback in the business.  And we aim to capture that with customisable service surveys that end-users actively want to complete.  Driven directly from our IssueCentre ticketing software.  Or from an external engine such as Wufoo.  Either way, you get the ammunition you need to build your business even further.

Here's some of the culture that drives great testimonials.

Good Support is about .... Values

First Option Technical Support don't just have clients, we have partners, all of them businesses like yours who value our 20 years of experience. We work hard to create value-packed long-term relationships with clients based on a mutual set of values; trust, technical skills, efficiency, effectiveness and complete confidentiality.

Since, we are quite literally inside your business at times, it's crucial that your values are at the heart of our business too.

Good Support is about .... Trust

Clients like you trust us to be the voice of their company's support team, to fix problems, to solve issues, to watch over sensitive systems and confidential data.

Our Service Level Agreements lay out what we must do, but it's that extra level of care and involvement of a partnership that we choose to do that sets First Option Technical Support apart from the rest.

Good Support is about .... the Passion

Our staff come from a range of different backgrounds, but we all share a single passion : technology.

Yes, that might seem nerdy, but to give you the best advice, service and support possible, that's not a nice-to-have, it's an absolute requirement.

Our team at First Option Technical Support love working out how things tick - and what happens if they tock instead. It's deeply rooted in our psyche and that's a massive benefit for you!