IN-Sourced Helpdesk

ISO 9001 certificated

Our quality management processes are acredited to ISO 9001.  So you can be assured of consistently great service.

Your professional can-do attitude has helped us win over new customers, and continues to set our support above that of our competitors.

Large UK Security Reseller (we always protect our clients' confidentiality) ]

We have to grudgingly accept that generically we're in the outsourcing business.  But who wants to be generic ?  Not us.

We like to do things differently.  So we turn out-sourcing into IN-sourcing.  Bringing our expertise and facilities into your organisation, so you can do more with less.

Outsourcing has come to have a negative connotation, with fears about straight-jacket contracts, inflexible working practices, cost-plus pricing methodologies.  Well, sorry, we don't do that. If that's what you're expecting, you're going to be very pleasantly surprised.

We provide a proven helpdesk competency, either out-the-box, or on a customised basis.

We are an extension of your business, replicating your culture and adding in our proven ability to service demanding end-users at all levels.

We may sit in another office to your main team, but hey, congratulations, you've just gained a whole department, at the stroke of a pen with minimal cost, and without the headaches of logistics, recruitment, training ... and daily service management.

True 24/7 all-year-round technical help desk services may seem a pipedream for your business, but with First Option Technical Support, you can quickly partner with us to provide live professional support when your customers and users need it most.

You probably expect conventional outsourced service desks to be based in off-shore call centres with high initial investment of time, facilities and set-up costs.  And loooong contracts (allegedly for the supplier to recoup their set-up, but is that really the motive?). 

Have you thought it doesn't have to be that way?  And longed to find someone who agrees ?

We provide UK based engineers who understand your business inside out as well as being expert problem solvers, and who become the voice of expert technical support for your company.

Technical Support

Dedicated to keeping systems running, Tech Support is what we do.  It’s not an after-thought or a necessary evil.  It’s our core business.  YOU get the benefit of that dedication and focus.  
So you don’t have to.

24x365 Phone, Email, Webchat

We live in an always-on world, increasingly mobile with users working outside of core hours. Does that mean you have to stretch to meet their demands?  No, we do all that.  
So you don’t have to.


We INTELLIGENTLY monitor systems, not just blindly follow alerts.  Sorting the important from the noise can’t be done by systems. You can use our experienced technical team to do so. 
So you don’t have to.