Intelligent Monitoring

Before we switched to your service, our guys were run ragged, and fed up with pagers and mobiles going off in the middle of the night.  Only to find it wasn't really a problem which needed dealing with immediately then.  Your triage service has saved us real pounds, but more importantly, it's saved our relationship with our staff.  And now we know that an alert really means it needs looking at.  And it's directed to the correct team, right from the get-go.
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Systems and service monitoring is the bed-rock of preventative error-resolution.  Don't wait for a problem to be noticed, or to become an outage on a mission-critical system.

Intelligent Monitoring

Effective monitoring is not just about setting up Nagios and letting it drive you crazy with transient or non-critical alerts.

We watch 24x365 and we use our experience to know what’s a problem, and what isn’t.

Saving you many hours of pointless disruption.

Remote Monitoring

From our 24x365 technical support and monitoring centre, we use a variety of tools to monitor live systems throughout the UK, Europe and world-wide.

We can be troubleshooting and working towards a resolution before your customers are aware there is an issue - or you are even out of bed!

Resolution Choices

When we see problems that really need dealing with, we can jump on them if you have permissioned us and provided access. Or we alert your on-call engineer. 

At least, they don't have to stay awake or on stand-by for no reason. 

Our monitoring service is more cost-effective than paying stand-by allowances, and our intervention services are lower than your out-of-hour compensation costs to employees. 

And of course, they're as fresh as daisies for their standard duties, not burnt out from being on-call, on top of their regular duties.