Professional Helpdesk Software

We used to incur £7k of cost in SaaS helpdesk charges on top of staffing costs. Getting it for free as part of your service helped us to halve our total helpdesk delivery costs. And your service activity reports are among the best in the industry. An unexpected bonus which has really confirmed we made the right decision to bring you on board.

IT Services Reseller (we always protect our clients' confidentiality) ]

There's a whole host of helpdesk software solutions.  And some of them are very good.  But they're not free (for serious users).  Even a small helpdesk team can incur £2k p.a. .... before they have even answered a single ticket.

And unless you're going to spend £50k+ p.a., you're going to have to live with an off-the-shelf offering with limited flexibility.

We bunde our IssueCentre ticketing software as part of our service.  No software infrastructure costs to eat into your helpdesk budget.  With us, every pound goes to servicing and resolving tickets.

And it's good. It's been built by professionals for professionals.

  • customisable product fields
  • customisable SLA
  • customisable reports
  • API for delivering service data into your CRM or other systems
  • unlimited logins for all your staff and managers (see what we're doing, join in, or handle your own work)

Your time and financial resources are valuable.  Don't waste them.  Use what the professionals use ... free of charge !